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Which eye style is better? *Please Answer* by WrappedInBlack
Which eye style is better? *Please Answer*
So I'm finally making the full body reference sheets that Pyra-Jen and Pyro-Jay deserve. They're gonna be in the same style as my most recent icons, only it'll be full bods and have the colors, height, and other info in between them. Anyway tho... cause I changed the eye style starting with the Luigi icons, I had to make a new eye for them... and I figured I'd ask people which eye style looks the best to them. It goes from Oldest to Newest, Left to Right.

1. Original Eye style.
2. Eye style that I never used on any icons cause it didn't fit with the ones I made at that time.
3. Third eye style that has been used on most of the icons at this point.
4. Newest style. Has more... color(?) like... the colors look... juicy.

Personally, I like number 4 the best... but I wanna know what you guys think.

*The eyes displayed where all made for Pyra/Pyro by Me using Adobe Illustrator*
OuO Do you accept Luigi as your lord and savior OuO?
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I'm NOT Giving Up Art... at least not yet.

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 21, 2015, 6:32 AM

All my stuff is trash. I waste so much paper having to restart pics just to give up on them... and even if I didn't give up, the end results are always shitty. So fuck it. No more art for me. After I post the last icons, that's it. Nothing else from me... and I don't feel like posting them right now... tho I did post the Kakarot and Vegeta ones on tumblr already... I know I made that one poll and all... But, fuck that poll. Blah Blah Blah, that is all.

EDIT: Someone reminded me about the Journal 4 Myself and I... I still want to give up... I can't even draw my main OC correctly so yeah... I drew her like 37 times the other day... each time I messed up and on the most perfect one I drew, after I finished... I realized I made her head to big... and I draw in pen so... yeah... it's frustrating... and I legit pull hair out when I'm stressed and/or frustrated... so if I keep drawing... I'm going to be bald in the future... so yeah, that's just another reason to stop...

EDIT 2: If you are wondering why I still haven't posted anything that I've made over the summer, it's because I need to rearrange my gallery for the icons... I've just been throwing them into the CB folder even tho none of them are really CB related... a few of them are fan art and I don't just want to throw them into the CB folder, but I also want all of the icons to share a folder... so... gotta change my gallery layout and I'm just too lazy for that... so if you want to see some of the things I'm going to post here (in September most likely) go to my tumblr, which is linked above, and click "My Arts"... I've already posted the Vegeta and Kakarot icons along with a secret icon that I was working on without every mentioning it... well I mentioned and showed it to a few people on Skype, but that's it... it took over 24 hours to complete and is probably the best one I ever made... which means that this is the best time for me to stop arting cause I really don't want to take 24hrs+ on anything ever again, but I also don't want any pics to be of a lower quality than one created before them, so... yeah.

EDIT 3: Fuck it, too lazy to make a new folder icon so... just gonna throw the fan art in the CB folder and rename it. Also not posting Autumn or Kinzoku-Jay... I don't like how those came out.

EDIT 4: IDK... just if I ever art again... Imma have to make sure my hair is cut mega low so I can't grab and pull out my hair anymore...

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Stuff About Solians

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 24, 2015, 9:46 PM

I just wanna talk about a race I made, damn. Okay so first, look at these icons of some Solians.
Jyro-Ken by WrappedInBlackKori-Ava by WrappedInBlackPyro-Jay by WrappedInBlack
Look at them really close. Okay. Stop Looking. What do you notice about them? That they have multicolored hair and eyes? That they razor sharp teeth? If you looked and saw that good.

Solians are a race of humanoid sapient beings that can live in a vast amount of environments due to how harsh their evolution was. Solians come from planet Soli originally
(duh), but once they were able to, they began to colonize uninhabited worlds for their ever growing population. The worlds don't need all that much terraforming since Soli itself hardly has an atmosphere... basically they can survive on most un-terraformed worlds... The landscape of early Soli was deadly af and the early Solians had to evolve to live in a world that could only be described as Planet Hell. Forget everything you know about science for a bit now, okay? Due to the harsh landscape and lack of vegetation, Cavesolians ate any other animal that was somehow surviving on early Soli... Basically, Solians are carnivores so that's why they have sharp teeth... Solian DNA is a wonderful thing because, somewhere down the line, Solians evolved to have what we call super powers... it's just normal to them tho. All Solians are born with an ability. This ability dictates their eye color. Solians always have at least 2 colors in their irises. The color around the pupil is the actual color of their eye, like if they didn't have powers, that would be their only eye color. For example, Pyro, Kyro, and their mother, Kori, would all have green eyes if they didn't have their Solian Abilities. The outer color, as you may have guessed, is the color brought on by the abilities that Solian has. That color starts to cover their irises about an hour after birth. Some Solian parents wait out the hour to name their child in line with the ability they develop. For example, Pyro-Jay has ember eyes. Ember eyes are unique to Pyrokinetics and therefor he was named Pyro-Jay to fit his powers and his family's naming tradition.
Now onto the hair... there isn't really a reason as to why it's multicolored... it just is... But that's not what I wanna talk about. I wanna say this... Solian hair isn't hair by human standards. By human standards, Solian hair would be considered quills. Very stiff quills.... To the naked eye, yeah it will look like multicolored human hair, but it won't move like human hair and it sure as hell won't feel like human hair. When I say the hair is stiff, I don't mean stiff as a rock... Solian hair can be moved and it can be styled, but it takes move than a little wind to get the hair moving, even then it won't "flow" like human hair, and human clippers aren't strong enough to cut Solian hair... Solian hair is naturally multicolored, but it can be dyed to a single color as Kyro-Xen has done. Solians also can't have shades of black as their natural hair color.

Now onto the transformations!
First up, Onyx Solians!
Shan Kyro by WrappedInBlack
Nytro-Ghen by WrappedInBlackNova Pyro by WrappedInBlack
Onyx Solians are a powerful form of Soli. They are called Onyx Solians due to the color of their sclera. Tho I have this listed under transformations... Onyx has only recently proven to be a transformation to the solian people. Before Pyro-Jay and Kyro-Xen suddenly became Onyx Solians while fighting MaRTON, the only Onyxes were Natural Born Onyxes.  Natural Born Onyxes are Solians who go Onyx during that hour after birth when the child's eye color changes due to their powers. For an Onyx baby, they look like a normal Soli baby during the first hour and then, when their powers set in, their sclera turns black, their irises and hair completely change color and glow. Natural born Onyxes happen, because the child's base strength is way above that than the natural solian child, which causes them to go Onyx as soon as the powers are set. 1 out of every 9,000,000 Solians, the total Solian population amongst all their planets is about 770,000,000,000, so there are about 8556 natural Onyxes within the total Solian population... So they aren't something you see everyday... For some reason all Onyxes are treated like celebrities by the average solian. Onyxes don't rule over the entire race tho, they're just popular. Solian government is an absolute monarchy ruled over by the Sahi family, which has never had an Onyx to their name... So yeah Onyxes don't rule the worlds. Anyway, as I said before, Pyro and Kyro, two otherwise normal Soli kids transformed into Onyxes to protect the people they cared about from MaRTON, from that point on it was known that Onyxes were just what happens to a Solian once they reach the pinnacle of their abilities and that natural born onyxes were just born in their pinnacles. Because Pyro and Kyro aren't natural onyxes, they can regress back into their normal form if they so choose by suppressing their powers. Natural born Onyxes, like Pyro's grandmother and Kori's mother, Mya, can't do that as their suppressed power is still to far above normal solian power.

Now onto... Ancient Forms!
Sangspike Kyro by WrappedInBlackHeitspike Pyro by WrappedInBlack
This will be fairly quick. Ancient forms are called Ancient forms because they resemble early Solians. See, during the point in time where Soli was so harsh that you would call it Planet Hell, all of the people basically looked like this. This is because they had to be super strong to survive on Soli. There were natural onyxes too, but that wasn't a good thing back then. See, Ancient forms are 50 times stronger than Onyx forms, so uh yeah... those ancient Onyx babies didn't stand a chance on early Soli... most died within a week... Rules of Nature...

Okay one more small thing b4 I go to sleep. Solians all have 2 first names and no middle names. The names are what each parent wants to name the child. It isn't father nor mother name first. The parents pick the names and then decide which order sounds the best. Married Female Solians and Married Male Solians in same sex marriages have two last names. Their last name is first and their partner's last name is the second one. For example. Kyro marries a guy named Aora-Tos Kakureru in the future... So once he gets married, his name becomes Kyro-Xen Hokoma-Kakureru and his bae's name becomes Aora-Tos Kakureru-Hokoma.

Also the average height of the adult Solian female is 7'2. The average adult male height is 6'5.

OK. I'm sleepy. That's it. Goodnight.

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Super Plumber Luigi by WrappedInBlack
Super Plumber Luigi
Styled after that old pic of Luigi that I drew back in 2012. It may not look like it, but this icon took over 24 hours of work to be completed... So uh... yeah.. Super Plumber Luigi is totally canon btw.

made in Adobe Illustrator as always

Other Icons...                                                                                                                                      
Hoodie     Otty     Cupcake     Kittie     DJ     Pyro/Kyro     Trysta     Subtumaka     MaRTON     MEEGaN
Nytro-Ghen     Kori-Ava     Jyro-Ken     Twister     Najee

Pyro-Jay: Normal/Onyx/Ancient/Zombie
Kyro-Xen: Normal
Kakarot: Normal/Super
Vegeta: Normal/Super
Luigi: Normal/Super


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